Dr. Kaixian Chen accepted to be a CBA Scientific Advisor

Dr. Kaixian Chen accepted to be a CBA Scientific Advisor

December 2016

Dr. Kaixian Chen (陈凯先), a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, has recently accepted the invitation to join our organization as a CBA Scientific Advisor.

Dr. Kaixian Chen has committed himself to research in the areas of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and drug design for many years. Through theoretical calculation and molecular modeling, his group has developed and improved many methods and techniques for drug design, studied in depth structure-function relationships of many biological macromolecules, structure-activity relationships as well as mechanism of action of a significant number of biologically active small molecules. Focusing on a series of important drug targets, his team has conducted high throughput virtual screenings, lead discovery researches, prediction and design of biological active small molecules. Through these studies, Dr. Chen has promoted the interdisciplinary exchanges and integrations among medicinal chemistry, life sciences, computer science and informatics, achieving a contribution towards innovative drug research in China.

CBA is very honored to have Dr. Chen join us at the 20th Annual Conference of CBA (2015, China). Dr. Chen's thought-provoking lecture attributes tremendously to the success of this 20th anniversary event of CBA.

Since its founding over 20 years ago, CBA has been serving as a bridge between US and China in the field of bio-med research with the goal of bringing new pharmaceutical agents to commercial development and healthcare market. Among many US-based professional societies and associations, CBA stands out as one of the most active, vibrant and engaging organizations. Dr. Kaixian Chen's wealth of scientific knowledge and experience in scientific communities will be a great asset to CBA's future growth and our continued involvement in scientific research and biopharmaceutical development.

Again, we are very honored and excited to have Dr. Kaixian Chen as a valuable addition to the CBA team. We look forward to working with Dr. Chen to take CBA to a higher level in the future.


CBA Leadership Team