20th CBA Annual Conference

20th CBA Annual Conference



Globalization of Biopharmaceutical Development and Commercialization

– Emerging Markets Opportunities


June 26-28, 2015
Beida Weiming Conference Center, Hefei Chaohu Economic Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China
2015年6月26日至28 日 | 中国安徽省合肥巢湖经济开发区北大未名会议中心

Hefei Meeting Program


June 29-30, 2015
LianYunGang HaiZhouWan Conference Center, LianYunGang, Jiangsu, China
2015年6月29日至30日 | 中国江苏省连云港市海州湾会议中心

LianYunGang Meeting Program


Registration is FULL!


* Meeting registrants can enjoy free local transportation and accommodation.


The Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association (CBA-US), one of the largest Chinese professional associations in the US, will hold its 20th annual conference in China on June 26-30 this year. 


The conference consists of two parts. The pre-conference will start at the historical Hefei city, Anhui Province, sponsored by the Peking University's SinoBioway Group, and the Hefei Municipal Government on June 26-28. And then the main conference will be held in the beautiful coastal city LianYunGang of Jiangsu Province, sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the LianYunGang Municipal Government, on June 29-30.


This is the first time that CBA holds its annual conference in two cities because of great demand and opportunities in both cities. CBA will also celebrate its 20th anniversary and its great accomplishments in bridging pharmaceutical industries and professionals between US and China over the last 20 years. On behalf of the conference organizing committee, we cordially invite you to attend both sessions of this year's annual meeting. 

The theme of the 20th CBA Annual Conference is “Globalization of Biopharmaceutical Development and Commercialization - Emerging Markets Opportunities”. This theme has been carefully selected to address the critical importance of emerging markets (e.g. China) in biopharmaceutical innovation and worldwide collaboration to capture the great opportunity for the advancement of modern medicine and biopharmaceuticals. Plenary and Keynote sessions will be presented by world renowned scientists (Nobel Price Award winner and members of US and Chinese Academy of Sciences) and executives from multinational pharmaceutical companies. These distinguished speakers will address the audience on the industry trends and some of the most exciting discovery and advancement in Biopharmaceutical, Novel therapeutic drug Development. The conference will cover many different aspects of biopharmaceutical development and commercialization especially opportunities and challenges in emerging markets.


This year's annual conference provides a perfect venue for people from government, private agencies, biotech and pharmaceutical companies interested in policy issues, business development, and partnership in US and China. 


In addition to the compelling conference programs, CBA will also present its 2015 Brilliant Achievement Award at the 20th Anniversary Celebration Banquet hosted on the night of June 29 at LianYunGang, recognizing individuals of exemplary accomplishments in promoting collaboration and global development involving the biopharmaceutical sectors in China. We anticipate more than 500 attendees from around the world to attend the 2015 Annual Conference. 


Due to the high attendance of this year's conference, we only have 20 seats available for online registration. The policy is "first come, first serve".


The confirmed registrants will take responsibilities for their international airfare and/or domestic travel costs, but the expenses of local transportation (including the airport and railway station picking up/dropping off, tour, bus from Hefei to LianYunGang on June 28), meals and lodging will be provided for free by the meeting hosts. For the meeting attendees who complete their online meeting registration, please also send your final itinerary to contact@cba-usa.org so your local logistics could be arranged accordingly.


The online registration for the 20th Annual Conference will open soon. Please check back the website at www.cba-usa.org or reach us at contact@cba-usa.org for more updates.


Organizing Committee of the 20th CBA Annual Conference