2016-2017 Workshop Series - 4

2016-2017 Workshop Series - 4

2016-2017 Workshop Series - 4
Entrepreneurs in Biopharmaceutical Field
Sharing Experience and Advising Your Real Start-Up Plan

Fountain Medical - Dan Zhang

SpeedBiosystems - Dazhi Lai

Poochon - Charles Li

CBA-USA is organizing this series of workshops,co-sponsored by CCACC with the goal of providing opportunities for professionals in the bioscience research field to gain a deeper understanding ofdrug development and marketing approval. Our speakers are experts in this field with hands-on experience in biopharmaceutical industry or Regulatory Authority who had shared their expertise with all participants. 

This unique workshop provided an opportunity by entrepreneurs in biopharmaceutical field sharing their experience and advising the real start-up business plan. Our speakers are founders of companies in different areas of the drug development field including drug developer, contract research organizations, and scientific service providers. The audience has learned what they have achieved and had experienced from establishing and developing their companies. They also provided advices to stat-up plan of establishing your own company. 

When:  10:00 am-2:00 pm, 19 February, 2017 (Sunda
Where:  Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC)
9318 Gaither Road, Suite 226, Gaithersburg, MD 20877


Section 1   10:00-10:15am   Introduction

Section 2   10:16-10:36 am
Establishment and management of SPEED Biosystem
Dazhi Lai, PhD, Founder, SPEED Biosystems, Rockville, MD

Section 3   10:37-11:06 am
Poochon’s Venture-Start a Business with a sound plan
Charles Li, MBA, Senior Director, Jon Hao,PhD, Founder, Poochon Scientific LLC

Section 4    11:07-11:36 am
Patrick Y. Lu, Ph.D, Founder, President and CEO of Sirnaomics, Inc., Rockville, MD and Chairman of Board of Directors, Suzhou Sirnaomics Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., in Biobay, SIP, China. CBA ex-president.

Section 5    11:37-12:06 pm
The risk and return of returning to China as an Entrepreneur
Dan Zhang, MD, PhD, MBA, Chairman of Board of Directors, Fountain Medical Development CBA ex-president

Break: 5 Minutes

Section 6    12:11-1:00 pm      Panel discussion: Real start-up business plan

1:00-2:00pm: Pizza Lunch and Network



CBA workshop organizing committee c/o Frank Li
Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association (CBA-USA)
PO Box 61362, Potomac, MD 20859-1362
Email: contact@cba-usa.org


  • CCACC (Chinese Culture and Community Service Center)
  • American Society for Quality Section 509 (www.asq509.org) – Washington DC and Maryland Metro - Biomed/Biotech Special-Interest-Group (http://www.asq509.org/ht/d/sp/i/31557/pid/31557)
  • NIH-CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the National Institutes of Health)