18th CBA Annual Conference

18th CBA Annual Conference

Global Partnership in Biopharmaceutics and Translational Medicine
CBA 18th Annual Conference
Saturday, June 15th, 2013
University of Maryland Shady Grove Conference Center
9600 Gudelsky Dr, Rockville, MD 20850


Registration Fees:

  • Non-Member: $60/person (all categories of non-members)
  • Group Member: FDA, NIH and other group members

Registration Fees for CBA Members (Please register or renew your CBA membership before registering for the CBA annual conference):

  • Regular Member: $30/person (Regular Membership Fee: $30/year)
  • Lifetime Member: $30/person (Lifetime Membership Fee: $300)
  • Postdoctoral Member: $20/person (Postdoc Membership Fee: $20/year)
  • Member in China: $20/person (China Membership Fee: $20/year)
  • Student Member: $10/person (Student Membership Fee: $10/year)
  • EC/BOD/BOA/Speakers/Sponsors (FREE)

* The deadline of online registration is extended to 5pm EST, June 14th, 2013. Additional fee applies when you register onsite.


* Membership benefits: participation of many of the activities that open and free only to CBA members including seminars, career development workshop, symposium, meetings with CBA partners, BBQ party, and many other fun activities. You will also receive CBA e-Newsletters through email with announcements of our activities throughout the year.